Minnesota Canoeing – Mississippi River

Plan A Minnesota Canoeing Adventure! There is nothing quite like Canoeing the Mississippi River.

Kohl’s Resort is at the top of the world, well, at least at the top of the Continental Divide. Near us is the only place in the world
that the Mississippi heads north,  a wonderful spot for a Minnesota canoeing adventure. It travels north for 35 miles and enters into Lake Bemidji. Minnesota Canoeing on the Mississippi RiverThe river then travels East, and your Minnesota Canoeing trip will start up 15 miles from Lake Bemidji, just below the Dam.

Let’s begin your Minnesota canoeing adventure!

As your canoe enters the river, one of the 1st animals you’ll see is one of the many bald eagles that live in that stretch of the river. Your guide will leave you and travel by land to set up a campfire lunch at the shore of the river. For the first part of your trip you and your family will travel for approximately one hour and fifteen minutes through some of the most beautiful and serene stretches of the Mississippi  River. There will be almost no trace of human life other than your family. This part of the Mississippi River has a width of about 25 feet and varies from ankle deep to about 6 feet in depth. The river will twist and turn, and at each corner you will scare up anything from Eagles, to Ducks, and Herons. The list goes on and on. You will probably see 50 different species of birds, not to mention the occasional deer, porcupine, or woodchuck.

At this point in your canoe trip you will come upon an island. There stands your canoe guide, and your shore lunch is waiting. Nothing beats lunch cooked over the open fire, fresh lemonade, the meal topped off with a cookie treat. Now is a great time to start sharing those stories of anything interesting along the way. The landing we are at is called Island View Canoe landing. It has 2 small shelters, an outhouse, and a place for a campfire. After lunch and pictures your group will be on the journey back.

Now keep watch an eye out for the drift wood. There should be many turtles on them sunning themselves. This section of the riverMississippi River will change a little as it widens slightly, and has more lowlands around it. This is the spot for the only rapids along the trip. It is small and safe, but still gets the blood flowing.

This trip is rated a family safe adventure, slow and easy, a great canoeing adventure. Just keep the canoe facing forward and let the current take you. During this trip you will see such fish species as Trout, Northern, Muskie, Bass, Carp, Walleye, and Panfish.

Bring a rod and make some casts. I have never had any fisherperson get skunked on this section of the Mississippi river. This last section of the river is about one hour and twenty-five minutes. Your guide will be waiting with ice cold waters at the vehicle and canoe trailer. The return trip takes us through the city of Bemidji, where you can see the south end of Lake Bemidji. As another great day comes to an end, more family memories are made. Thanks for making us a part of them.



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