Minnesota Fishing – A MN Fishing Hot Spot

Start Your Minnesota Fishing Adventure At Kohl’s Resort

As we start our Minnesota fishing adventure, we notice how fresh and clear the air is as we breathe it all in, bringing our other senses alive. Kohl’s Resort is just a few miles from the Continental Divide. We tell people we are on top of the world. But what does this mean for Minnesota fishing? Our chain of 5 lakes, 3 of which can all be reached by boat, and 2 which can be accessed by canoe, are all clear and clean year round. During the winter you can see the bottom to 15 foot depths.

Little Turtle {650acres} is the 1st lake to receive the water from the top of the Continental Divide. Starting at the top, the water has not been through any other chains or river stretches where boats or pollutants can tamper with the clean water. Little Turtle has very few residents living around the lake. Next is our lake, Big Turtle {1600 acres}. We boast about our secluded 3 islands on the lake. 2 are private, and the 3rd is Department of Natural Resources managed. Guests can go onto this island, get a campfire going, relax, and explore. Now, the fishing: Northern Pike, Rock Bass, Largemouth Bass, Crappies, Bluegill, Sunfish, Walleyes, Pumpkin Heads, and Perch. Lake Movil (900acres). Movil Lake has lots of weedy spots along the shore.  There is also an excellent 45 foot deep wall that run a quarter of a mile long.

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Why Bemidji Is A Favorite Minnesota Fishing Hot Spot?

As you relax in one of our rental boats, the 14ft standard fishing, 16 1/2ft executive fishing, or one of our pontoon rentals, you will begin to unwind and enjoy the moment before feeling the strike of a walleye on your line. One reason the Turtle Lake chain is considered a MN fishing hot spot is because it is stocked with Walleye every other year. Not that we need stocking, but it enhances the natural reproduction of our Walleye family.

Our shoreline of 11.5 miles is pure natural fish habitat, except for the 2 sandy beaches created 50 years ago at the 2 resorts that still exist on the three lake chain. Walleye caught will be mostly in the 8 to 15 ft range. The Walleye regulations are: 6 Walleye per person, and not more then 1 over 20″ per day.

Of course a Minnesota fishing vacation includes catching Northern Pike! Spring is a super time for fishing in northern Minnesota. The northern seem to be biting on everything, but Lindy rigs and jigs are good for starters. We’ll begin with minnows in early spring, then later in the year switch to leaches. The funny thing is while your fishing for Walleye, Northern are jumping on the line. In the summer, Northern Pike like to sit on the 10-15 foot flats with the Walleye. This past November while netting Whitefish, we netted a 36 inch super fat Northern. The next day another northern was taken, 39 inches. WOW, fun. They, of course, were both put back for the summer fishing. The Northern regulations are 3 per person, a slot of 24 to 36, and only 1 over 36″.

The Largemouth Bass are some real lunkers. Such a beautiful, healthy green. After the spawn, the Bass seem to hang around the weeds and also the 6-9 foot depths just off the weeds. Spoons and plugs are the best baits to try. Even in the heat of the summer, heading out early will be sure to get you a couple in the boat. A Minnesota Youth Bass Fishing Tournament was held here the 1st year we owned the resort. There were 13 youths, and 13 boats, by noon; they had caught 164 lbs of bass. All survived to be released after weigh in. The tournament had never fished the same lake twice, and now this year they are planning their 5th straight tourney here at Kohl’s Resort on Big Turtle Lake. We are very proud, any tournament here at Turtle Lake, is always a catch and release. Bass regulations: 6 per person.

Skimming around one of our 3 islands brings you to some shallows. In these shallows is one of our most enjoyable types of fish, the Panfish. We have Bluegills, Pumpkinseed, Sunnies, and Perch. Use a piece of night crawler, grub, or jig as bait. Sometimes it’s hard keeping the bait in the water, as you are either catching these pan fish or they are stealing the bait. The slab size Sunnies, and Bluegills, have been very prevalent the last few years. We believe the {so called global warming}, has been making the fish metabolism faster/higher, causing the fish to be more active, and eat more. This is great for the fishermen, and fisherwomen. Kids really go for the Perch, Sunnies, and Bluegills, because they are fun to catch and they don’t get bored. Fishing in about 6 to 9 feet of water brings the best success.

The shoreline is loaded with weeds allowing natural proliferation of all the fish species. Crappies are best caught in the spring just after spawning. Crappies tend to hang out around the many sunken islands in Little Turtle Lake. I have seen some guys come in, day after day, bringing in their limit during the spring.  But, during the summer the Crappies are probably the most difficult to find, because within weeks of spawning they head to deeper water. As the Crappies go deep, they will slow down their metabolism and eat much less.

The Northern, Walleye, Crappie, Bass, and even Panfish eat a lot right after spawning. They have gotten over the stress of the spawn and they are hungry. That’s why early spring is a great time to come, as right after spawning, the fish are almost hitting on anything. Making our resort a Minnesota fishing destination.

Fishing Guides 

First City Guide Service, Chaz Dobias at (218) 689-5550 www.firstcityguide.com
Northcountry Guide Service, Matt Breuer at 218-444-6479. www.northcountryguides.com

Dick Beardsley  218-556-7172